Mission Statement

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Burlington College is an independent, progressive, liberal arts institution that honors the individuality of each student and emphasizes the dynamic relationship between education and experience. Founded in 1972 as the Vermont Institute of Community Involvement, the College has from its origin focused on integrating learning, personal development, and community engagement.

The mission of Burlington College is to guide students to become skillful and reflective practitioners, lifelong learners, and active citizens engaged in fostering a just, humane society and sustainable, beautiful communities.

Burlington College is committed to an interdisciplinary curriculum, small classes, an emphasis on dialogue, learning in and from community, and respect for perspectives born of varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The college seeks to provide a transformative education for students of diverse ages, circumstances, and means who, through a combination of academic abilities, life experiences, and character, are ready to take responsibility for their education.

Burlington College challenges students to achieve high levels of written, oral, and artistic communication; critical and reflective thinking; creativity; and social, historical, and scientific awareness. Students share responsibility with their teachers and academic advisors for planning and pursuing their studies and evaluating their work. We help students acquire knowledge and develop skills that will allow them to build meaningful livelihood. We prepare our students to act guided by social consciousness and self-awareness in the local, national, and global communities where they study, work, and live.

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