Money and You

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Course # GEN 183-1
Instructor: Jane Weintraub
Date:  M,W 04:35p-06:00p
Location: RM 212

In this class we cover a wide range of financial topics applicable to student spenders and savers. While money can be a difficult thing to talk about, with a bit of practice it is an accessible topic for all learners. We aim at making money matter and making it fun. Learn more about your preferences and habits, discover the secrets of the money experts, create simple and easy to manage budgets using online or offline tools, understand tricks for decreasing money stress and develop strategies for saving for future plans and purchases. The class focuses on supporting you in developing your unique money style; while there are some tried and true philosophies about money (spending less than you earn is a means to saving), most of us have very different relationships with money. Learning more about how money works will guide you in understanding your current way with money and will support you in crafting a new story.

Course Num: 
GEN 183-1
M,W 03:00p-04:25p
J. Weintraub
BC RM 212