Petition Process

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Under limited circumstances, a student may petition the Academic Review Committee (ARC) for an exception to an academic policy or practice of the College. Such petition must be presented on behalf of the student by the student’s academic advisor with a recommendation to approve or deny the request. If the student disagrees with the ARC’s decision regarding the petition, he or she may request to appear in person to discuss the decision at the subsequently scheduled ARC meeting. A copy of the student’s petition noting the committee’s decision will be provided to the student by the Dean’s Office within 10 business days of the ARC meeting at which the decision was made. The decision of the ARC is final.

A student may request that a petition be brought to the ARC only under the following circumstances:

  • The student and a faculty member have been unable to agree on the credit awarded at the completion of a course;
  • Extenuating circumstances exist that the student believes should be considered regarding attendance at or completion of a course or workshop (e.g., documented medical cause or death in the immediate family prevents student attendance at a workshop);
  • A student wishes to be exempted for any reason from an academic policy that applies to all students.