Photography - Bachelors of Fine Arts

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Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photograph Degree Overview

BFA Photography Degree

The Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography at Burlington College is both broader in its sweep and more structured than the Bachelors of Arts, requiring students to move across disciplinary boundaries and also to become highly skilled in the craft of photography.  The program is historically grounded so that students become knowledgeable about artistic contexts, old and new, as well as proficient in traditional techniques, digital media, and ways the two can be combined. 

Classes are small, and each student receives the kind of critical attention to his or her work that is unusual. Experimentation is encouraged, and students emerge at the end having developed an acute sense of seeing through the medium of photography.  The required internship and professional seminar give students real-world experience and information about careers in photography, whether in fine arts, photojournalism/ documentary, or commercial photography.  The capstone, taken over the final two semesters, allows them to conceive and execute a major photographic project.

BFA Photography Degree Requirements

Foundations: 9 Credits
FIN111 Color and Composition
PHO240 Photographic Communication

Required 1 of 4
FIN113 Drawing as Communication
DOC201 Intro to Media Production
WAL220 Creative Writing
CIN150 Film Production I

Arts in Context: 12 Credits
COR201 Art History I or COR202 Art History II
PHO247 History of Photography
PHO347-Contemporary Photography

Interdisciplinary Arts  (pick one class)      
COR 214 Public Art
COR215 Thinking and Achieving Through Craft
COR302 Topics in Art History: Women, Art, and Society
COR 371 Arts and Social Change
COR376 The Avant Garde: Paradoxes of Modernism (1885-1950)

Intermediate Level: 15 Credits
PHO263 Photoshop I
FIN281 Web Design I
PHO240 Black and White Camera and Darkroom I
PHO243    Digital Photography I

Studio Electives: 3 Credits
PHO242 Documentary Photography and Photojournalism I: History and Theory
PHO248 Outdoor Photography
PHO246 Commercial Photography
CIN/FIN 274 Photographic Cinema

Upper Level: 24 Credits
WAL331-Search and Research
COR337-Ways of Seeing
Or- PHO346 Digital Photography II
PHO363-Photoshop for Photographers
PHO341-B&W Fine Printing
Or- FIN343-The Digital Fine Print
PHO352-Professional Seminar for Photographers

Studio Electives: 6 Credits
PHO364-Photoshop for Photographers II
PHO342-Portfolio and Exhibition
PHO344-Street Photography
PHO350-Lighting for Photography
PHO351-Personal Vision and the Photo Essay
PHO354- Documentary Photography and Photojournalism II
PHO353-Large Format Photography
PHO355- Alternative Processes

Upper Level: 9 Credits
Internship: 3 credits
Film Studies Degree Project I & II (3 credits each): 6 credits

Total Credits: 69


This program requires students to move across disciplinary boundaries and also to become highly skilled in the craft of photography.