Politics: The Art of the Possible and the Impossible

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Course # LJS 101-1
Instructor: Sandy Baird
Credits: 3 credits at Burlington College
Location: Burlington College, RM 338
Day and Time:  TH 03:00p-06:00p

Humans are social, political animals always acting to influence and change their societies through the non-violent means of discussion, debate, and strategy, and when those peaceful means fail, through revolution. Politics, therefore, is both the art of the possible, when men and women seek change through the limited means of the law, and also the art of the impossible, when people act outside of the law by unlimited means to create new worlds through revolution. In this class we will study, examine, and participate in the politics of the possible, the legislature, political parties, elections, constitution making, congress and the courts; we will also study and seek to understand the limits of lawful political change and the birth of revolutionary ideologies and actions.

Course Num: 
LJS 101-1
TH 03:00p-06:00p
S. Baird
BC RM 338