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All students wishing to return to the College following a withdrawal must go through the Admissions Office prior to re-enrolling. All readmission is at the discretion of the College. Students matriculate under the requirements set forth in the current Academic Catalog at the time of re-admission; although, with sufficient grounds, a returning student may petition the ARC to return under degree requirements in effect when originally matriculated. Regardless of length of absence, a student who returns with a cumulative completion ratio below the minimum required to maintain satisfactory academic progress (75% undergraduate programs, 85% graduate programs) will be considered on academic probation and must agree to terms of an academic plan as part of the readmission decision. These students remain ineligible for financial aid until satisfactory academic progress is achieved.

Students who were not in attendance for 5 years or more must reapply in full and resubmit all admissions materials. Students who have been away for fewer than 5 years (including those withdrawn for one term) must reapply through the Admissions Office using an abbreviated application process. The applicant will be asked to supply additional information such as: reason for departure and how circumstances have changed.