Refund Schedule

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Degree students must notify their academic adviser and the Registrar promptly if they decide to withdraw from a learning activity. Non-degree students should notify the Office of Admission promptly if they decide to withdraw from a learning activity. In addition, upon withdrawal, any request for a tuition refund must be made by the student, in writing, to the Business Office, Burlington College, 351 North Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401. For all programs, the amount of the refund is calculated as a percentage of the per-credit tuition cost of the learning activity and is based upon /the date that the written request for a refund is received by the Business Office/ (not the date of withdrawal). Students who believe their individual circumstances warrant exception to these refund policies may appeal through the Business Office by providing documentation relating to their circumstances. The decision of the Business Office in these cases will be final.

Refund Schedule

Written Notification Received * % Refund
(of per-credit tuition)
First two weeks
Weeks #3-4
Weeks #5-8
Weeks #9-end of semester
*Each date in the schedule refers to the close of business on that day, no later than 4:00 p.m. There is no academic penalty for learning activities officially dropped on or before the last day of the fifth week of classes

In accordance with federal law, students in their first term of enrollment at the College who receive federal student financial aid and who withdraw from all their learning activities will receive the greater of 1) the amount calculated as above or 2) a pro-rated refund of tuition and fees calculated on their weeks of attendance through 60% of the term. No refunds will be made thereafter. The admission fee and an administrative fee (the lesser of 5% of tuition and fees or $100) are excluded from the pro-rated refund calculation and will be retained by the College.

Workshops and Mini-courses

For workshops and mini-courses, the refund schedule is the same as above. No refunds for workshops or mini-courses will ever be made after 4:00 p.m. the day the learning activity begins. (If you wish a 100% refund for a learning activity scheduled later in the session, you still must drop the learning activity before September 14, 2010; see schedule above.) Students who drop a workshop or mini-course after the free add/drop period will incur an academic penalty.


Financial Aid at Burlington College
351 North Avenue
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Phone: 800-862-9616
Fax: 802-660-4331
E-mail: finaidatburlington [dot] edu