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Prior to each semester, matriculated students complete the registration process with their academic advisors. This involves selecting courses that fulfill degree requirements for the coming semester, filling out an enrollment form, and making an appointment for mandatory advisor check-in. Dates for registration are published on the College website. Each student’s schedule of learning activities for each semester must be approved by his or her advisor during the registration process.

The learning activities themselves must be approved in preliminary form before registration. Each activity must have a written description of learning goals, how they are to be addressed, and how progress toward them will be evaluated at the end of the semester. Courses, mini-courses, seminars, and workshops are approved in advance by the dean on the recommendation of the APC; action learning activities are approved by the action learning seminar instructor and the student’s advisor; and all other modes of learning (i.e., guided independent studies and tutorials) are approved by the department chairperson and the dean prior to registration, and no later than the end of the free add/drop period.

The advisor check-in period, which occurs just prior to each semester, allows matriculated students to have their enrollment forms validated and receive pertinent, updated information (e.g., a course that may have been canceled, or a memo providing detailed information about a learning activity, travel documents, etc.).

Note: The College is actively developing online registration capabilities; the above policies and procedures are subject to change.