Semester Exchange Program between Vermont private colleges

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Burlington College has joined 13 other Vermont private colleges in a semester exchange program spearheaded by the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC).

The AVIC Semester Exchange Program allows you to experience a different educational environment without leaving the country or facing a language barrier and still graduate on time from your home institution.   

This is your chance to:

    Broaden personal and educational perspectives
    Experience new academic cultures
    Explore new areas of study
    Learn from different professors
    Access new courses
    Try new learning approaches and methods
    Experience personal growth
    Live in a different area
    Become more independent and resourceful

There is no extra tuition cost although you pay any difference in room and board.

If you are enrolled at a participating college and are interested in learning more about the exchange, please talk with your student advisor.

Colleges currently participating in the Semester Exchange: Bennington College, Burlington College, Champlain College, College of St. Joseph, Goddard College, Green Mountain College, Landmark College, Marlboro College, Middlebury College, New England Culinary Institute, Norwich University, Saint Michael’s College, Southern Vermont College, and Sterling College.

Burlington College joins 13 Vermont colleges in a semester exchange program by the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges.