Team Burlington College Wins Best Film & Best Actor Awards

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Student teams from four area colleges, including Burlington College, University of Vermont, St. Michael’s College and Middlebury College competed in the Sleepless in Burlington, a 24-hour film competition by the Vermont International Film Festival.  Team Burlington College won Best Film for their movie “Watcher,” and Johannes Ziegler won the Best Actor Award for his leading role in the film.

The team of five Burlington College film students wrote, filmed, and edited their award-winning film within a 24-hour period.  As part of the competition, each film was required to incorporate the location of "Everybody Loves a Parade" mural off of Church Street, a Maglianero Cafe button, an evocative quotation from a Phish lyric, and a dialogue about a storm coming. The “Watcher” follows a man, who is obsessed with watching television. When a storm takes out his satellite reception, he is forced to fulfill his addiction to the small screen in the real world.

"We sat down together at the school and began throwing out random ideas for the story. After spending a half an hour on it, we put everyone’s ideas together and came up with a character that had become desensitized from ingesting media his whole life. After a few hours we had put together a story in which this character is forced to experience the real world and finds that television has warped their view on everything," said Kyle Freund, the the Co-Writer and Key Grip.

Team Burlington College wins the Sleepless in Burlington Competition

“’Watcher’ won because it managed to be both technically and thematically sophisticated.  From the start, the students were adamant about exploring the theme of the effects of media saturation.  The focus on a specific message and their dedication to portraying it with a high level of cinematic craft made the film stand out,” said Michael Fisher, Team Advisor.

Team Burlington College included, David Littlefield as the Producer and Assistant Director;  Alex Mackowiak as the Director; Joe Mulherin as the Director of Photography and Editor;  Kyle Freund as the Co-Writer and Key Grip;  Will Hoffinger as a Writer and Production Assistant; Michael Fisher as the Team Advisor.

“The most challenging thing was keeping to our shooting schedule, because of the amount of different shots and locations we had set up. Luckily we had Dave keeping us on track with that,” said Alex Mackowiak, the Director and Camera Assistant.


Team Burlington College Wins Best Film & Best Actor Awards for the Sleepless in Burlington, a 24-hour Film Competition