Snellings Donate to Burlington College

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Linda and Mark Snelling donate to Burlington College

Burlington College welcomes a generous donation from Linda and Mark Snelling.

The gift came as the Snellings prepare to close their company The Shelburne Corporation, and from the Snelling Center for Government. Much of the donated furniture was the last  remnants of the Shelburne Industries, a company founded by the late Governor Richard Snelling and former Lt. Governor Barbara Snelling over a half century ago. The Snelling's company was the largest manufacturer of brass cup holders in the world. Included in the donation are: chairs, filing cabinets, office desks, a conference room table, and shelving.

"So there's a lot of wonderful history, I grew up in the (Shelburne Industries) building."  said Mark Snelling, the 2010 republican canididate for lt. governor, as he spoke about his donation to college and the closing chapter of the company founded by his parents.

Linda Snelling contacted the College after hearing about the new campus in Burlington. The Snellings are supporters of Burlington College and wanted to contribute. If you have artwork or furniture to donate, please contact Carmen George in Burlington College’s Development Office.


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