Spanish Language Immersion in Cuba
Experience the beauty and culture of Cuba and its people.


Study Spanish while immersed in t he Cuban Culture.Travel and learn in Havana Cuba Study Spanish Abroad.

Immerse yourself in the Spanish Language and Cuban Culture

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Join two Vermont Spanish teachers as participants learn about the unique culture in Cuba while learning the Spanish language!  Participants will be required to take morning classes on Cuban history and culture and the Spanish language.  Students will progress through a Spanish language program designed to develop the student’s own understanding and facility with the Spanish language in reading, speaking and listening.  This course is designed for entry level Spanish speakers.

Both undergraduate and graduate level credit is available for this course. Students must submit either a personal reflection paper on their own development and progress toward mastery of the Spanish language. All students are encouraged to keep daily journals. A group reading may be assigned prior to departure.

Financial aid is available.

Dates: July 12- July 20, 2013

Topics covered:

  • The Cuban History and Revolution - Its roots, critics and legacies
  • Cuban History and Geography
  • Cuban Food and Cooking
  • Cuban Entertainment and Dancing.
  • Cuban Society, Economics and Politics
  • Cuban Environmental Issues


Conference Topic

Afternoon Excursion/Activity

Vocabulary to be studied

Cuban history and geography

Tour of Havana

City/”around town”, giving location (estar)

Cuban gastronomy & agriculture

Cooking lesson

Food, restaurant

Cuban entertainment and cultural pastimes: music, dance & sports

Dance lesson (salsa)

Hobbies & pastimes, expressing likes and interests

Cuban Society Today: Contemporary Social, Political and Economic Transformations

Cigar factory

Describing people (ser)

Nature, environmental concerns & urban v. rural lifestyles

Visit an organopónico (urban organic garden)

Nature & animal vocabulary



Cuba Program at Burlington College
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Burlington, Vermont 05401
Phone: 802-923-2390
E-mail: jcarteratburlington [dot] edu