Standards of Student Conduct

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Outlined in the mission of Burlington College is our commitment to guide students to become skillful and reflective practitioners, lifelong learners, and active citizens engaged in fostering a just, humane society and sustainable, beautiful communities. We prepare our students to act guided by social consciousness and self-awareness in the local, national, and global communities where they study, work, and live.

The principles of mutual respect and shared responsibility underlie the following Standards of Conduct. The following acts, or an attempt to commit such acts, are prohibited:

  1. Violation of the College’s non-discrimination policy;
  2. Harming, threatening to harm, or harassing any other person;
  3. Harming, stealing, damaging, or otherwise abusing the property of any other person or the College;
  4. Acting in a drunken, disorderly, or disruptive manner;
  5. Plagiarizing the intellectual or artistic work of another;
  6. Inhibiting another person’s right to free inquiry and discussion either inside or outside the classroom, unless the other person’s behavior is disruptive to the educational process;
  7. Unauthorized recording of another’s work;
  8. Providing false information to College officials; failure to comply with an instruction or request of a College official;
  9. Engaging in behavior that endangers the health or safety of oneself or others;
  10. Violation of a previously-imposed sanction;
  11. Violation of a civil or criminal law;
  12. Violation of College policies.

Anyone who violates these standards will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the College. See Student Disciplinary Procedures.