Student Activities

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Burlington College is committed the education of the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. In combination with the academic rigor you will find in the classrooms, the College provides opportunities for community building and socializing through a variety of activities and events. From service-learning in the community to performances by local musicians, Burlington College presents frequent events that bring together students, faculty, staff and the greater-Burlington community. Many events are planned in coordination with individual students or student groups who express an interest in a specific activity. Past presentations have included: First Friday Reconnaissance Soirees (performance-oriented coffeehouses), Movie Nights, Game Nights, performances by the Jeh Kulu West African Dance and Drum Theatre, art openings and photography exhibits. Students are encouraged to approach the Director of Student Services if they have ideas for college-wide or community events.

The Burlington College Student Association (BCSA) serves as the student government for Burlington College. Each spring semester elections are held for the positions of: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Board of Trustees (BOT) Representatives (2 positions). The BOT positions serve a two-year term representing the students on the governing body for the College. A primary purpose of BCSA is to foster more open and effective communication among Burlington College constituents via All Student Forums and the BCSA newsletter. There are at least two All Student Forums each semester. The BCSA also serves as a student advocacy board, organizes and sponsors student activities, and, within Burlington College governance, acts as the representational voice and will of students regarding matters that concern them. This association strives to empower Burlington College’s student body by asserting and maintaining an appropriate, participatory, and vital role in Burlington College information dissemination, decision-making processes, and governance.

We often call ourselves “Burlington’s” College and this statement is especially true when it comes to the numerous and varied activities in which students can participate off campus. Local resources for events and goings-on about town are ample and can be found by following the links below or by browsing through the local alternative newspaper, Seven Days. Additionally, Burlington College partners with the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts to provide access to cultural performances each semester at a minimal cost to students.