Student Disciplinary Procedures

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Disciplinary procedures will commence when either a student or College employee brings a written complaint to the Director of Student Services Office that a student has violated the Standards of Conduct or other nonacademic policy. Other nonacademic policies include, but are not limited to, the drug and alcohol policy and the housing policy. The Director of Student Services may also commence disciplinary proceedings absent a complaint when s/he has received information that a College policy has been violated. When the Director of Student Services is not available, the Vice-President for Academic and Student Affairs shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this policy. NOTE: Complaints of sexual harassment must be made in accordance with the College’s separate Sexual Harassment Policy. This policy is available in full on the College’s website.

The Director of Student Services will notify the accused student(s) of the complaint or charge; conduct a factual investigation; allow the accused student to respond; and impose sanctions if the results of the investigation convince the Director of Student Services that such action is warranted. S/he will notify the student of his/her determination of whether or not there has been a violation, and the sanction, if any, being imposed. Sanctions may be imposed whether the policy violations occurred on or off the College campus. If circumstances require, The Director may impose interim sanctions pending a final decision.

In the alternative, the Director may refer any violation to a Judicial Review Board chaired by the Director and made up of at least one student, one faculty member, and one staff member selected at random. The student charged will have the opportunity to appear in person before the Review Board, and the Board will decide whether or not there has been a violation and, if so, will recommend sanctions to the Director, up to and including dismissal from the College. The Director may accept, increase, decrease, or otherwise revise the sanctions recommended by the Judicial Review Board.

The Director of Student Services may impose interim sanctions prior to the decision by the Review Board. If the Director believes the student’s continued presence on campus may threaten the health or safety of any member of the College community (including the student), s/he may temporarily suspend the student. The student must temporarily leave campus, returning only for scheduled meetings pertaining to the charges.

Students have the right to appeal judicial decisions to the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs. If the sanctions include an eviction from college housing, the student must relocate pending the outcome of the appeal, unless otherwise provided in the decision. All appeals must be in writing and specify the grounds for the appeal and the desired result of the appeal. All written appeals must be delivered to the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs Office within 5 business days of the date of the decision of the Director of Student Services. The Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs may decide the appeal or may appoint another college official to decide the appeal. The Dean or other official appointed by the Dean shall determine the appeal by whatever process he or she may determine in his or her sole discretion. Normally, the appeal will be determined on written submissions only. The decision by the Dean or other official appointed by the Dean to decide the appeal is final. Failure to abide by the results of any disciplinary sanction may result in further sanctions up to and including dismissal.

Nothing stated in this policy shall preclude the College from taking summary action, including but not limited to suspension or dismissal of the student, when the student’s behavior is severe or egregious as to warrant such suspension or dismissal to protect the health and safety of the campus or its educational and institutional processes.