Student Health and Well-being

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Emergency Contact Notification Form In the event of an emergency, Burlington College needs to be able to contact family members and/or friends of students. Students are asked to complete an online Emergency Contact Notification Form upon initial enrollment. Printed versions of these forms will be kept in the Student Services office. All information will be kept confidential. Emergency numbers can be accessed by college officials on the College’s integrated computer system. Although the College will regularly request updated information, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Director of Student Services of any changes.

First Aid A first aid kit is available in the restrooms on each floor of the building. If a student sustains an injury on campus, please notify the front desk receptionist immediately. The receptionist will seek appropriate help.

Health and Accident Insurance Burlington College makes available health insurance via Bollinger Health Insurance (subject to change in each semester), provided as part of full-time enrollment. Students will automatically be enrolled in both the accident and health insurance components of the policy, unless the student opts out of the health insurance component of this policy. Students will be informed of an online link to fill out a waiver for the health insurance portion, which is charged as a line item in tuition and fees, and to provide the college with insurance information as needed. Students may not opt out of the accident component. There is also state sponsored health insurance available for those who are eligible. Please see the Director of Student Services for details. Students participating in Travel and Learn activities outside of the United States will also be required to carry supplemental travel insurance. The cost for this insurance will be incorporated into travel and lab fees for the class.

Health Services
Burlington College does not have a health center. Students are responsible for finding their own medical provider. Please see the Director of Student Services for assistance with choosing a healthcare provider. There are several walk-in clinics in the area dealing specifically with care of young adults and a 24-hour Trauma One level emergency room at the Fletcher Allen hospital.

HIV Testing
Anonymous testing for HIV/AIDS is available for Burlington College (and all area college) students at The University of Vermont’s Center for Health and Well-Being (CHWB) anonymous HIV/AIDS testing clinic. Counseling is available as part of the service. The total cost for this service is $20. Interested students should call 802-656-0847 to make an appointment or to learn more about the program.

The Community Health Center, located on Riverside Avenue in Burlington, currently offers saliva testing for free. For additional information about their testing program, you may contact them at 802-864-6309. Additionally, Vermont CARES offers Rapid HIV testing. The test is anonymous and uses an oral swab, not a blood draw. The Rapid HIV test gives results in 20 minutes and is free. The Burlington office at 187 Saint Paul Street has walk-in oral testing; rapid HIV testing hours are from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Mondays. For more information, students can call: 1-800-649-2437 or visit

In order to meet minimum immunization regulations as set forth by the Vermont State Department of Health, all students born after 1956 enrolling more than half-time as undergraduates in the campus-based program at Burlington College and persons who are not citizens of the United States enrolling part- or full-time while on a student or other visa must provide an acceptable record of having received the immunizations listed below in accordance with ACIP recommendations on the scheduling of vaccinations and on minimal intervals between dose:

  • 1 Tdap/Td booster administered within the past 10 years
  • 2 Measles
  • 2 Mumps
  • 2 Rubella
  • 3 Hepatitis B
  • 1 Meningococcal conjugate vaccine (only for first-year students living in campus housing)
  • 2 Varicella (waived if student presents a state health department-supplied form indicating a history of the disease)

Acceptable Records
The Department of Health considers the following as acceptable evidence of a student’s immunization history:

  • An official school record from any school listing individual immunizations and the complete date (mm/dd/yyyy) the immunization was administered.
  • A record from any public health department listing individual immunizations and the complete date (mm/dd/yyyy) the immunization was administered.
  • A certificate signed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant listing the individual immunizations and the complete date (mm/dd/yyyy) the immunization was administered. Obtain certificate/form directly from the physician’s office.120
  • A record from an Immunization Registry listing individual immunizations and the complete date (mm/dd/yyyy) the immunization was administered.
  • A laboratory report of a titer indicating evidence of immunity to a specific disease.

Exclusions from School and Penalty for Noncompliance
Students not in compliance with all immunization requirements shall not be allowed to enter school.


  • Students whose instruction is provided in a non-campus setting in study away from the school (Distance Learning program–DISTANCE LEARNING);
  • All students born during or before 1956;
  • All undergraduate students enrolled half-time or less (non-US citizens attending part-time are not exempt);
  • If student provides state health department-supplied form, signed by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant, health clinic, or nurse, indicating the person is in the process of being immunized;
  • If student provides state health department-supplied form, signed by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant, health clinic, or nurse, indicating a specific immunization is or may be detrimental to the student’s health or is not appropriate. The form must include the reason for the contraindication and the time period for which the immunization is contraindicated;
  • If the student presents a state health department-supplied form, indicating that the student is entitled under current state law to be excused from required immunizations.

Mental Health Counseling
Burlington College does not have a counseling center. There is funding available for limited personal counseling for those who do not have adequate insurance. Please see the Director of Student Services for details and for referrals to mental health clinicians.

YMCA Fitness Membership
Matriculated students enrolled for 4 or more credits are automatically enrolled in the fitness membership program that Burlington College has developed with the YMCA, located on 266 College Street in Burlington, and at the O’Brien Community Center on Malletts Bay Avenue in Winooski. The cost of regular membership is included with tuition. Special programs or enhanced facility access require an additional charge.

Students must show their BC ID to enter the YMCA. Active, eligible students may make unlimited visits to the YMCA and take advantage of the various amenities such as swimming pools, weight rooms, aerobics classes, etc. Contact the YMCA at 802-862-9622 for more information on facilities, programs, and hours of operation. Use of the YMCA facility/programs is at the student’s own risk.