Student Housing Cost and Fees

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Housing Rates

Students are responsible for payment of charges for the full contract period. Housing charges will be included in a student’s bill, allowing for financial aid to contribute to the payment of charges. Charges are assessed in the following manner:

2011-2012 Housing Fees

  • Triple-occupancy bedroom = $6,620/year
  • Double-occupancy bedroom = $7,000/year
  • Single-occupancy bedroom = $7,830/year
  • “Premium” bedroom = $8,380/year

Security Deposit
A refundable Security Deposit of $350 per student is required with the submission of the Housing Contract. This fee reserves your space in on-campus housing and is refunded at the close of the contract period. Damages to housing beyond normal wear and tear will be deducted from the security deposit upon termination of the contract.

Cancellation of Contract, Contract Release

The 2010-2011 Burlington College Housing Contract is a legally binding contract.The College will terminate a student’s occupancy for the following reasons:

  • ineligibility to continue enrollment resulting from failure to meet academic requirements
  • disciplinary sanctions as determined by Burlington College
  • voluntary or involuntary termination or expiration of student’s enrollment at Burlington College for any reason

Students moving from College residences without prior approval will not receive a refund.

Contract Release
Students may petition for a release from the contract under the following circumstances:

  • withdrawal from the College for personal or medical reasons
    completion of a degree program
  • documentation of becoming party to a marriage or civil union
  • documentation of an infringement of their student rights by members of the student housing community

A petition for release does not guarantee termination of the contract. Petitions must be made in writing to the Director of Student Services, after which a meeting with the Director of Student Services will be required to initiate the process.

A refund upon contract release or termination will be determined based on the reason for release according to the schedule found in the Housing Policy & Contract (download here).

If it is determined that the student should be released from her/his contract based upon infringement of student rights by others in the student housing community, a refund will be pro-rated based upon the date of release.

If it is determined that the student’s contract should be terminated based upon violation(s) of the contract, the College reserves the right to withhold a refund.

Academic or Judicial Dismissal

Academic Dismissal

Students academically dismissed from the College have one week to check out of their room assignment and should follow standard checkout procedures as outlined in this manual.

Judicial Dismissal

Students whose housing contract is canceled as a result of a judicial action will not be eligible for a housing refund, nor will there be any reduction in amounts due to the College for the semester if the bill has not been fully paid at the time of dismissal. Students judicially dismissed from the College have a maximum of one week to check out of their room assignments. Judicial sanctions may result in a shorter period of time to move out of housing.