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Developing your Student Skills “Toolbox” is an important part of your success while in college. During your first year in college, it is important that you begin to develop your independent student skills to prepare for your upper-level coursework. 

High School is a more structured learning environment and therefore it is not uncommon for students to be successful without having to focus quite as much on independent student skills.  As you proceed in your college journey, more will be expected of you and it will be increasingly important that you possess the organizational and academic skills to keep everything on track.

Differences between High School and College

If you are concerned about your academic skills or are struggling with your coursework, please contact your advisor for assistance.  Here also are several links to helpful online resources to get you started:


Motivation & Goal Setting

Personal Goal Setting 

Motivating Yourself 


Stress Management

How Can You Manage Your Stress? 

Stress Management Techniques


Organization & Time Management

Developing a Schedule Tool

Effective Time Management

Time Management

“Time Management for Right Brained People”

The what, why and how of to-do lists 



Avoiding Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination

Avoiding Procrastination

Getting Past Perfectionism


Class Participation

Participating in Class

Classroom Discussions (for International Students)


Study Skills

“Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits”

Learning and Studying Techniques

Studying with ADHD


Note Taking

Cornell System for Note-Taking

Taking Notes: 5 College Success Tips


Work/Life/School Balance

How to balance work and school

How to Balance Work, School and a Social Life in College


Learning Styles

Know Your Learning Style

Visual/Spatial Learning


Math Anxiety

Coping with Math Anxiety

Professor Freedman's Math Help


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