Study Abroad

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Students may study abroad as part of their Burlington College degree program in some majors. Further, students may choose to study in another country independently or with another recognized program. While studying abroad independently, students whose programs are approved by Burlington College are considered officially matriculated for the duration of their foreign studies. Each semester they register and pay a Foreign Studies Matriculation fee and are eligible to apply for financial aid.

Study abroad is limited to one academic year unless the student’s approved degree plan warrants additional coursework at the other institution. Receipt of an official transcript from the study abroad institution documenting that satisfactory (letter grade equivalent ‘C’ or better) credit was earned is necessary to award Burlington College credit. It is the student’s responsibility to request the transcript in a timely manner; the coursework will be considered incomplete after the semester evaluation deadline and will affect the cumulative completion ratio. Students should note that while credit awarded for Study Abroad learning activities is reflected on a Burlington College transcript, supporting documents (foreign transcripts, etc.) are not included in the official Burlington College transcript. Students needing official transcripts or documentation for those credits earned are advised to contact the granting study abroad institution directly.

South Andros, BAHAMAS
A variety of travel and learn opportunities are available during the spring and summer semesters and the winter J-term in South Andros, Bahamas. These courses are taught by Burlington College faculty on the island of South Andros. Information about particular offerings each semester is available in our online course listings.

Study Abroad, ITALY
Through Study Abroad Italy, Burlington College students can take a semester abroad in Florence, Rome, or Milan. Students should speak to their academic advisor make arrangements for semester abroad study.

University of Havana, CUBA
Burlington College and the University of Havana, recognizing the many benefits of an academic partnership in an increasingly interdependent world, entered into a general agreement to establish formal linkages between their institutions. Representatives agreed via a formal memorandum to carry out and support projects that promote the mutual interests of both institutions. This includes the joint development of a study abroad program for Burlington College students at the University of Havana. It may also include: exchange of faculty, researchers and administrative staff; exchange of academic materials, publications and other information; promotion of collaborative research in areas of mutual interest; development of short-term academic and training programs; participation in jointly organized academic meetings, seminars and workshops; and any other areas which the parties agree are in their mutual interest.