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The academic record of a student is reported on a transcript. Students who wish to have a transcript of their academic record must submit a signed written request authorizing the release of information to the Registrar’s Office. Normally, processing time is approximately 10 business days upon receipt of signed authorization and payment.

An unofficial transcript, or progress report, lists all activities and all respective credit awards (both positive and negative) for which the student was enrolled. This is not a certified copy or an official transcript. There is a fee for a copy of this education record for previous students; although, currently enrolled students may obtain an unofficial transcript free of charge. (See website for current fees.)

Official transcripts are available to students whose financial obligations to the College are current. There are two versions of official transcripts available. The short version lists all learning activities completed with a credit award of “full credit” or “low pass”. The longer narrative version of the official transcript includes photocopies of Learning Agreements and both student self-evaluations and instructor evaluations of the student for each learning activity completed with a credit award of “full credit” or “low pass.”

Note: The College is actively developing online capabilities to allow current students direct access to their unofficial transcripts, as well as establishing a relationship with the National Student Clearinghouse to process transcript requests; therefore, the above policies and procedures are subject to change.

Burlington College reserves the right to deny copies of records not required by FERPA to be made available, including transcripts, if the student has an unpaid financial obligation to the College, or if there is an unresolved disciplinary action or other administrative matter against the student. Transcripts are prepared upon written request of the student and can only be released by the Registrar or his or her designee. Official transcripts show only credits earned. Unofficial transcripts for students in attendance after 2000 include completion ratios and all attempted credits regardless of final credit. Unofficial transcripts are furnished at no cost to enrolled students; the fee is $5 for individuals no longer enrolled at the College.