Transfer Credits

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As you consider transferring to Burlington College, you may be concerned about how many of your prior college credits will transfer. We encourage students to document all possible transfer credits, as these can (if accepted) greatly reduce the time and money required to complete your degree. The following information is offered to help you understand how we would assess your transfer credits.

What are Burlington College's standards for accepting transfer credits?
At Burlington College, we follow two simple guidelines in making our decisions about transfer credits. If your prior college credits were (1) taken through a regionally accredited college or university program and (2) completed with a grade of C or better, chances are very good that your prior credits which meet both these guidelines would be accepted here.

Are there any limits on how many credits would transfer?
For an Associates degree at Burlington College, you must complete a minimum of 15 credits through enrollment here; for a Bachelor's degree, the minimum is 30 credits taken here. Because of this rule, there are upper limits of 45 transfer credits (for AA candidates), or 90 transfer credits (for BA candidates) that would apply toward your degree requirements at Burlington College.

If your transcripts from other schools show a total number of transfer credits above these limits, all your transfer credits could still be listed on your Burlington College transcript. However, you would still need to satisfy all Burlington College program and degree requirements, as spelled out in our catalog. This might require taking additional credits in some areas, as determined by your advisor here following an in-depth evaluation of your prior college work.

How can I find out how these rules would apply to my particular situation?
If you would like us to assess your transfer credits prior to enrolling here, please arrange to have official copies of each of your college transcripts sent to the Burlington College Admissions Office. At no cost, we will gladly do a preliminary transcript evaluation, to give you a general sense of how many of your credits would transfer.

An in-depth review and final decision generally would not happen until after you have applied and been admitted to our program. Your Burlington College academic advisor must be involved, in order to help you determine how many additional credits you would be required to complete, for your specific area of concentration here.

Are there other ways to document prior learning for credit?
Burlington College also accepts college-level credits documented through the following methods:

  • Credit for life and work experience, awarded through the Life Experience Assessment Portfolio (LEAP) evaluation (ask for information on this program), or a similarly accredited program;
  • The College Board's CLEP tests;
  • ACT's PEP tests;
  • Credit for military training, according to ACE guidelines;
  • Credit for corporate-sponsored trainings approved by PONSI.