Vermont Women Examine Domestic Violence

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Mitch Wertlieb
, Produced by Melody Bodette

Sandy Baird

Wednesday afternoon, a group of four women will be part of a panel examining Women's Legal Rights in the 1970's and 80's.

Sandy Baird will be one of those women, and will speak from first-hand experience on the legal reality of those decades. 

Baird is a lawyer and professor at Burlington College, and by her own account took an unusual path to becoming an attorney, passing the bar after working as a clerk at Vermont Legal Aid for five years. 

Baird tells VPR's Mitch Wertlieb one of the first things that struck her when she became a lawyer was how little recourse there was in Vermont's civil court system for women being abused at home.

Click listen to hear the interview. 


Faculty Member Sandy Baird discusses domestic violence on Vermont Public Radio.