Alumnus Profile - Vladimir Stradnic '09

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Vladimir Stradnic, A Burlington College Legal and Justice Studies graduate, met his current employer while he was a student here.

Vladimir Stradnic, Class of 2009
Bachelor of Arts - Legal and Justice Studies 

Since graduating, Vladimir went on to work as a contract staffing specialist for Tetra Tech ARD.  Jim Talbot, the Vice 's 's 's    's President of Tetra Tech ARD, was a guest speaker for one of Stradnic's classes at Burlington College. Stradnic was so impressed by the presentation that he started a dialogue with Talbot after class. This conversation would later lead to Vladimir receiving an opportunity to work for the company. 

Tetra Tech ARD is one of the leading providers of consulting, engineering, and technical services worldwide. The company’s primary focus is creating practical, environmentally responsible solutions that ensure sustainable development in the U.S as well as in other developing countries. Tetra Tech ARD, here in Burlington, primarily works in the areas of water resources and infrastructure, land tenure and property rights, environment and natural resources, democracy and governance, as well as in the information and knowledge management area.  

The Next Step? Vladimir is attending Northeastern University School of Law