Burlington College Institutional Scholarships & Grants

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Burlington College Institutional Aid is awarded to students who meet specific need or merit criteria. If an institutional aid program is designated as a grant or a scholarship, then it is “gift aid” and although there is no requirement to repay these funds, continued eligibility may be contingent upon academic, financial need, community service or other conditional criteria.

BC Merit Awards

The Vermont First Scholarship  is an academic merit based scholarship awarded to any first-year student who graduates as one of the top two academically ranked students from an accredited Vermont high school. The scholarship covers 100% of tuition for first year students and is renewable for 50% of tuition for three additional years as long as the student meets the scholarship eligibility criteria. Learn more about eligibility requirements.

The Burlington College Presidential Scholarship of $20,000 is awarded to select first-year students who reflect the values of our College: a commitment to learning, civic engagement, creativity and leadership.  The scholarship is disbursed at $2,500 per semester, and once enrolled, recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to maintain the scholarship.

The Burlington College Trustee Award focuses on the traits and qualities a student displayed in high school as well as future potential. This grant is renewable provided that the student maintains good academic standing and makes a positive contribution to the Burlington College community. These awards range from $500 - $5,000 for full-time students depending on the availability of funds.

Burlington College Endowed Scholarships are awarded in the spring semester and applied to the subsequent fall tuition. Recipients must be in good academic standing and have at least one year’s enrollment at the college. Students may apply for these awards or be nominated by faculty, staff, or other students. Award recipients are selected in mid-April and students are notified of their awards through the Financial Aid office at that time. Award recipients are publicly recognized at Convocation in September. Awards are generally $500-$1,000 per year.

"Next Step" Transfer Student Scholarship is 20% tuition discount is awarded to students who have graduated with an Associates of Arts Degree from a Community College, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and enroll in Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees.

Burlington College, in  appreciation of the selfless heroism and extensive loss of life among New York City Emergency rescue workers, will make a four-year full scholarship, including tuition and fees, available to a member of the immediate family of a deceased New York City emergency services worker.  The candidate must be otherwise eligible to attend Burlington College and must be able to demonstrate financial need.

BC Financial Need Awards

The Burlington College Grant is an institutional aid program that exists to bridge the difference between tuition cost and financial aid eligibility. BC Grants are awarded to students with financial need who meet specific criteria. These awards may be as much as $5,000 for full or part-time students depending on the availability of funds.



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